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Why Nafs?

Nafs center for empowerment was founded in 2010 Under the number (RA22692C) for psychosocial counseling, to address an insistent need in the Palestinian society which suffered from violent events that hardly and deeply affected the Palestinian citizens especially children and youth that was negatively reflected on their relationships with their social environment in general and their familial environment in particular. We, as a group of professional, academic and educational psychologists, seek through this center to reduce the level of violence, psychological stress and tension of wars, torture as well as psychosocial and economic disasters. In addition to our work for mobilizing the society members towards constructive mechanisms and psychological and counseling activities to bring back the education, balance and empowerment to have a citizen who is able to adapt with the reality and to empower him/her psychosocially to face the current and future challenges safely, taking in consideration the importance of applying the principles of human rights and the relevant international and regional conventions by governmental and national organizations. The main objectives of Nafs for empowerment are: To achieve the psychosocial wellbeing that contributes to reducing the psychosocial problems.

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